Oxford Calling: My Interview Experience With Oxford University


It’s a norm for British top universities to conduct interviews with their candidates before admission. for many of the schools the interview merely becomes a formality because the admission decision would be supported your college tutor’s report and your result prediction. except for some status universities like Oxford and Cambridge, the interview can become the determining factor that might decide your entry there.

If you’re successful, then you will be offered an area , provided you achieve the specified end in your coming A-levels exam. But if you are doing extraordinarily well, they could even provide you with an area with none prerequisite, which suggests that your A-Levels exam results won’t have any influence, which is sweet , really. this is often called a non-conditioned offer.

A former schoolmate of mine did fabulously well in Oxford interview and was extended a non-conditioned offer. However, it had been with great care unfortunate for him when the corporate that sponsored his tuition fees immediately withdrew him from all overseas institutions after he scored an E in one among the themes and he had to simply accept his fate to continue studying in some local university, not in Oxford.

Upon hearing his news, i used to be left wondering what a fool the corporate had been, and the way cruel the choice was. Ironically, it had been an equivalent company that I accepted a suggestion from to further my A-levels study abroad a couple of years then .

By the way, in my case albeit I could prefer to apply for admission to up to five universities, i used to be not allowed to applied to Oxford and Cambridge University at an equivalent time. So you’d need to choose one over another. In my case, I applied to Oxford University because Oxford was where most of my friends applied (duh…).

As Oxford consists of variety of schools that structure the entire university, i used to be left wondering which college I should apply for. After performing some prospectus reading and asking around, I finally decreased to settle on alittle college by the name of Somerville College. it had been quite nice place to be, and that i liked the gorgeous scenery and therefore the nice people there.

To say the reality , being called up for Oxford interview was already a triumph. Yes, Oxford! a minimum of I had my chance. i used to be so excited, yet at an equivalent time nervous since I didn’t know what to expect what sort of questions would be asked during interview. And it had been one among my first experiences being interviewed by a foreigner. Early within the morning, where I guessed the interviewer would probably still in bed, i used to be already there waiting within the room , wanting to impress myself.

It clothed that the interview session was some kind of a slaughterhouse on behalf of me . i used to be sort of a cow being engaged while the professor ahead of me able to slash my neck. to mention the smallest amount it had been nightmare.
There wasn’t much introduction happening – the primary thing the interviewer asked me was my name. which was only because it had been a typical procedure to form sure they were interviewing the proper candidate. Soon afterwards you’d be right down to business.

I vividly remember the interviewer asked me the way to determine what proportion energy the cup of coffee standing on his desk would give him. It took me a short time to start out with. albeit I managed to form a start; i used to be clearly not progressing well to seek out the answer . After much waiting, the professor slowly guided me step after tread on how I can solve the matter . At the top , with the assistance of the professor, I managed to return up with a solution . it had been not a pleasing experience, but I learnt tons . For me, this experience taught me even every one features a chance to realize an area in Oxford, not all is qualified to be there. It took a high level of competencies, knowledge and sometimes luck.

I didn’t hear any offer from Oxford then.

At an equivalent time, an honest friend of mine applied for an additional college in Oxford, Mansfield College. For the past few years, the school has its own history to possess accepted Malaysian students per annum . So he was bent continue the tradition, to be another Malaysian accepted for Oxford next student enrolment.
Incidentally, one among our high-school seniors was studying at that college, and thru some tips, this friend learnt that it had been normal for the interviewer to ask similar question year after year. So upon hearing this, he insisted on getting last year’s question from this friend and even the solution for that question.

I was not really sure what the question was, but it sounded something like this:

There is a glass standing on top of a bit of paper. you’re needed to calculate what proportion force and speed you would like to use to the paper in order that once you snatch the paper away, the glass stands still.
I tell you what. He did get an equivalent darn question!


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